Welcome to the everGREEN Support Tool.

This Tool is designed to help VET leaders and practitioners to make their VET institution more sustainable. The support tool guides you through a four-step process for greening VET (developed by UNESCO).
STEP 1: Understanding the process
Understanding the requirements of a whole institutional approach
STEP 2: Planning the Greening of VET
Planning a greening strategy
STEP 3: Implementing the Greening plans
Putting plans into action with proposed tools and resources
STEP 4: Monitoring progress and assessing results    
Monitoring tools to assess the greening process
For each step, the support tool presents innovative approaches, methods and tools developed by the everGREEN team to support VET organizations in putting these steps into practice.
We have selected the following four key areas that are most appropriate for European TVET Institutions’ Sustainability.
1. Greening the Campus 
2. Greening the Curriculum and Training
3. Greening the Community and Workplace
4. Greening the Organizational Culture
To learn more about our project and its objectives, visit our webpage https://evergreen.bupnet.eu/

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A worker who has skills and competences geared towards green occupations is more employable than someone who lacks these qualities.  
The greening of vocational training improves not only the employability of workers but also the production of enterprises from a social and economic perspective. This can increase the profitability of enterprises.  
VET institutions improve their own profile and become more competitive by adapting to the changing demands of the labour market.